13 Things to Buy for Your Newborn

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If there is something abundant for these recent parents, they are advice. What to buy? What amount? When?

These are the questions that will be answered on this list. While we have immediate needs, many accessories for the baby or your room can be a personal decision.

Here we will discuss what you will really need for your newborn, giving you an idea of ​​what is to come.

  1. A crib
  • Your baby will need to sleep somewhere, right? – A small crib or bassinet may be the best option in the first months. Most cribs do not come with mattresses, so be sure to add one to the list.
  • Be careful with old or discontinued cribs, make sure they comply with the latest safety regulations and standards. For example, the slats should not be more than 6 centimeters apart.
  1. If you will use a cot, it is necessary to buy clothes for your bed and / or mattress
  • You can use a waterproof mattress covered with the appropriate sheets, and you can even look for a waterproof pad or sheet to place on top of the bed cover. Whatever you choose, you will need a padded mattress, some waterproof pillows or sheets, and at least two crib bedspreads with their lightweight sheets.
  • Babies do not need pillows, crib protectors, or spongy bedspreads. These items could cause choking risks in the baby. The same process applies to stuffed animals left in bed.
  1. Diapers
  • It does not matter if cloth or disposable, at the beginning, plans to use between 70 and 90 diapers a week; then, this amount will be reduced to 50 changes a week after 6 weeks.
  • You will need some type of pad to lay the baby while you are changing the diaper, in addition to alcohol-free moistened wipes, a tobo or bucket to discard used diapers, and probably some rash or rash ointment or cream.
  1. Clothing
  • It is a good idea to start with at least 6 pajamas (those with a button on the crotch or elsewhere), 3 or 4 nightgowns with laces and buttons on the bottom, three blankets to wrap the baby, a sweater and a hat , and between 3 and 4 pairs of socks and booties.
  • Some parents like to buy several pairs of baby rompers with the closure on the front.
  1. When bathing, you will need a baby bathtub
  • For small babies, you can get bathtubs with built-in sponges or foam rubber inside. You will also need several towels, cloths, baby soap and / or anti-tear shampoo, comb and brush, and nail clippers and scissors.
  1. To feed it, you will need towels and bibs
  • Even if you breastfeed, you will need bottles and pacifiers to store your mother’s milk and feed it. A bottle brush can be quite useful when cleaning. If you are not breastfeeding, you will need formula and a measuring cup.
  1. A child seat for your car
  • This can also serve as a baby carrier and some models even turn into cars, so you won’t have to load the seat everywhere.
  1. Mothers usually prefer to have a breast pump
  • Being necessary for cases where the mother cannot be present or her breasts are not ready to feed once again.
  1. Consult with your pediatrician about the recommended medicines to have in the cabinet.
  • A thermometer is generally necessary.
  • There are different types, so you should ask your doctor which one you recommend. A syringe to suck the mucus from your baby’s nose or mouth is very helpful; you can even get it at a hospital.
  • Your pediatrician will say what kind of medications and ointments you will need in your medicine kit.
Four other important products for your newborn

The following items are not essential, but may be convenient.

  1. A baby carrier / baby bag to have your baby at hand, and at the same time, have your hands empty.
  2. A monitor to be aware of what your baby is doing in the other room.
  3. A diaper bag with enough space for snacks, toys, towels and plastic bags (for used diapers).
  4. A changing table or a changing table for diapers, with storage of towels, ointment, and of course, diapers.


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