3 fundamental tips for newborn care

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Arriving home with the newborn generates many doubts to the parents. In the hospital there was not much to do because the baby slept almost at all hours, and at most he did a quick wash because of the fact that the cord has not yet fallen, so when seeing you alone with the baby the first ones appear questions.

The most common are those related to care: when they cut their nails, if they have to cut their hair, when to put moisturizer, how often to bathe them, how to do it, etc. With the intention of grouping all the advice on that in a single entry today we offer you the best advice for newborn care.

1. The cure of the umbilical cord
The umbilical cord, when it stops receiving blood supply, is mummified and ends up falling after a few days. How to cure it depends a little on the hospital in which the baby is born, because there are those who recommend using 70ºC alcohol, there are those who say that only soap and water and some say that there is no need to do anything.

All the solutions are correct, because in a review of studies carried out by the WHO in 2004, in which 22 studies were included with 8,959 babies, they saw that it was indifferent how the navel was cured when comparing the use of antiseptic with cord care in dry. So deep down it doesn’t matter how to cure it (as long as povidone iodine is not used). In case it smells bad or suppurates, it is necessary to take it to the pediatrician.

2. The clothes in the first days

Shelter it? Do not shelter it? During the first days it is interesting to have the baby relatively warm, because it comes from the mother’s womb where it was at a high temperature compared to the outside. Do not overdo it, but do not put it exactly as we do, or if it goes the same way, be clear that we are in an environment where it cannot be cold. Once the first days pass, it is often said that you have to dress them with a sleeve more than us.

It is a way of explaining that they would have to go the same as adults, but with a thin cloth more, because they do not regulate the temperature like us and, in addition, they do not have the amount of fat that we do have and that in some way protects us (and I don’t talk about being overweight or anything like that, but that they have very thin skin and we, even thin, not so much).

The ideal in this regard is to touch the neck and back area. This way we will know if they are comfortable or if they are cold or hot.

3. The Bath for newborn

For a long time, babies bathed every day for hygiene as well as for what they were relaxed before going to sleep. The reality is that not everyone relaxes (many have a pipe and get out of the tub more awake than they entered) and bathing them every day may be too much. And it is that the bath dries out the skin, eliminates the natural bacteria that we have and many babies suffer the consequences afterwards, in the form of eczema and skin infections. Come on, it is advisable to bathe the baby every two or three days, and on the days you do not bathe do a diaper change with soap and water.

How to bathe the baby? With the water at adequate temperature (about 36 degrees), in a place where it is not cold and with everything ready for later. Now summer is coming and there is not much problem, but in the cold season it is interesting to dry the baby well, especially in the folds, and then dry it and dress it quickly.


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