5 best tips to lose weight after pregnancy

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Many women during pregnancy will be concerned with how much weight they will have after giving birth and how long it will take them to reach their initial weight and even more so if they will.

The reality is that women will always be aware of our weight, we motivate ourselves to have an ideal weight, a pretty figure, we will love to be pregnant and we also want the extra weight of pregnancy to not be permanent.


Weight Tip # 1 Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding burns an average of 500 calories per day, there are studies that show that mothers who breastfeed lose more weight after pregnancy than mothers who do not, even leading to a decrease in body fat.


Weight Tip # 2 Have a balanced and healthy diet

Important to keep in mind that we should not adhere to a demanding diet because it is not suitable for the baby or for us due to the lactation period, we need that the milk we give to our babies is with all its nutrients.

We recommend including a high amount of vegetables in the diet, not exceeding the ideal amount of carbohydrates, and never forget protein; also meet the 5 meals of the day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner, and considering keeping their schedules.


Weight Tip # 3 Drink water

Water will also be one of our great alloys, drinking plenty of water allows us not to have the anxiety of overeating and also to help reduce weight, so as not to exceed the necessary calories in the day. If you are complying with the 5 meals and at the ideal times, when you get hungry after hours we advise you to drink water, this will give you a sense of fullness.


Weight Tip # 4 Rest

Yes, surely they think that this tip is crazy, that it is something extremely impossible to do, that the least a mother does with a newborn is to rest; But believe it, it is very necessary to be able to take advantage of the moments to rest.

Rest helps us feel good, not doing it causes irregularities in appetite causing us to want to eat too much or at other times, it makes us want unhealthy food, more sweets.


Weight Tip # 5 Exercise

We know that our new routine as mothers does not give us time to do things that are around the baby, to sleep for a short time, to be attentive to them, to bathe them, to breastfeed them, and what less causes us after this tiredness is to exercise.

But how important and helpful it will be to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, we can exercise not necessarily with extra effort, going for a walk, performing dance therapy, are activities that you can adopt if you are not really used to exercising.

Consult with your doctor to be able to go to a gym, to perform high impact exercises, if it is your preference, it is recommended to wait 1 month to be able to go.



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