7 options to cope with nausea in pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of coexistence between the baby´s parents, hormonal changes, smell sensitivity and increased stomach upset due to acids are mostly the reasons that attribute that 80% of women in state pregnancy feels nauseous. You maybe have heard good things, bad things, perfect moments, terrible situations, some cases you won´t to live during your pregnant that could change your mind about be a parent or not.


Normally towards the end of the first trimester the symptoms will disappear, although in some cases they may end a few months later. You should keep constant check-up with your doctor if there is a novelty that you vomit repeatedly, excessive vomiting can cause dehydration, so be careful, don´t permit be more than one hour because your baby could be affected about the situation.

Here we will share you some tips, we give you 7 options that will help you to survive the nausea:

  • Smell citrus fruits like lemon and / or drink water or lemon tea
  • Vitamin B reduces nausea, it is advisable to eat yogurt rich in that vitamin
  • It is very important to take into account the taking of vitamins with nausea, since it can cause them to worsen, you should consult your doctor in case there are problem when taking prenatal vitamins.
  • Water Cookies are excellent for stopping nausea; eat some when you wake up before getting out of bed.
  • It is important to eat carbohydrates and proteins.
  • You should not have an empty stomach, so it is recommended to eat in small proportions all day, nausea may increase if the stomach is empty.
  • It is important to read about the benefits of the ginger, it can help you stop annoying nausea.

You can tell us what tip was the best for you in that situation, you can share with other new mothers it and help them, someone of the list was good for you? You have another one? Comment us.

Probably with your mother friends you asked about any tip to apply and be sure that one of the list was suggested more than one time, try it, and tell us if it also was excellent for you, maybe you will help a next mother.


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