8 mistakes mothers have with babies

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We will talk to you about the 8 most common mistakes we make with our babies, we will explain the cons of each one that will be a fundamental guide so that you do not repeat them and share them with other mothers.


Mistake # 1 Letting the baby cry

If the baby cries it is because he is stressed, crying implies that he has adrenaline and cortisol extremely high, and because this cortisol causes neurons to die, knowing this it is really evident that this error is fatal to do so.A clear example to relate this situation is ourselves, when we are very sad it causes us to cry and what we really want is someone’s hug, is to want to be comforted, why do we think that for a baby this will be different?


Mistake # 2 Scheduling Baby Breastfeeding

Defining the hours to breastfeed and defining the duration of them is a very common mistake, breastfeeding is the most fundamental stage for its development, the nutritional components of breast milk are the primary source for proper growth of our baby. Breastfeeding should always be as long as the baby asks for it and breastfeeding on one side is until it no longer comes out, until the breast empties, not just giving it 10 or 15 minutes on one side and rear change sides.

It is important to know that when the baby begins to breastfeed, the first thing that comes out is always water and then the nutrients, proteins, vitamins will be obtained, so we cannot change the side soon. You can read our blog about effective breastfeeding.


Mistake # 3 Covering the baby too much

This is done by both parents and grandparents, covering them completely, covering their chest, head, hands, feet because we detect that they feel cold when touching their hands or feet is not the right thing, it will always give that their hands and feet will feel colder than the rest of your body. The human body is developed wisely, so that the skin covers the baby’s organs correctly. So to know if the baby feels cold we must touch his chest or his back, according to this, wrap him so as not to make this common mistake.


Mistake # 4 Not having them in your arms for long

Many times we have heard that they tell us “do not load the baby so much because it gets used to it”, at this stage of a baby less than a year the most important, most enriching, pleasant and satisfying thing is to give him the affection, affection and love he needs our baby, what a beautiful stage to be able to hug him, then when he is growing you will see that you will not have him in your arms all the time, the more years you are less close you will have him and you will want to return time to be able to hold him .


Mistake # 5 Not carrying and following a routine with our baby

As for any type of person of any age, who repeats activities for an extended period of time, becomes a habit, the same happens for our baby, if we have a routine during the day, doing each activity in a certain schedule and sequential scheme, the baby will get used to and learn, it is the correct way to adjust his schedule and not have his “schedules are changed”.


Mistake # 6 Feeding the baby before 6 months

In the first 6 months of the baby’s life, the only food he should have is his milk, always breast milk as a priority when conditions are obviously possible for the mother. At this stage it is not correct to give other foods, this should be from 6 months in a progressive way, you can read our article on what foods to give after 6 months.


Mistake # 7 Allowing them to use electronic devices

We see it as an error that is seen in more and more cases, in recent generations this is common, thinking and feeling that the electronic device is an aid tool, which is a tool for the development of the baby. Honestly it is somewhat misleading to let the baby use it, for children under the age of 2 we should not expose them to its use for a single moment, from the years its use can be allowed but for very short moments.

It is proven that these devices impede the correct development, block the development of natural language, make their learning limited in dimensions since they do not see the depth of objects and lose the sense of the outside world.


Mistake # 8 Carrying the baby in a carrier looking forward

It is not advisable to carry the baby forward that his back faces our chest, not even the most expensive baby carrier or the most recognized brand, it is not ergonomically ideal for that position of the baby, it is not suitable for his legs, head, column even for its development. The best thing is that their chest goes against ours, that both feel that relationship, that affection, that interaction, warmth between mother or father and son.


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