9 first symptoms of pregnancy

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When a woman is very eager to get pregnant, she hopes to know, intuit or guess it before having the test to confirm it and not necessarily wait for time to pass and see that menstruation has not arrived.

We are going to tell you about the 10 most common symptoms among recently pregnant mothers and that will guide you in intuiting about your positive pregnancy.


Menstrual colic and inflammation

It is given before starting the new menstrual cycle, you can interpret it as your new period, if you do not regularly have colic it will be easily identified as a symptom of pregnancy.

The inflammation of the belly is caused by the intense alterations of the pelvis that are taking place in our body, appearing more frequently in the first 15 days of pregnancy. The increased blood flow together with the adaptation to the growth of the uterus are what cause a small swelling in the abdomen.


Implantation bleeding

This bleeding occurs when the egg is fertilized and adheres to the walls of the uterus, you can see it dark brown for the time it takes to leave, it can occur 4 days before the new menstrual cycle, you can also confuse it with the start of menstruation.


Vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain

It is common in pregnancy at the beginning and during the first trimester (mainly, some moms present it during all 9 months) feeling nauseous with certain things such as eating something specific, brushing their teeth, with a drink, in the same way that Vomiting and / or stomach conditions come, this is due to all the changes that your body presents.


Sleep and Exhaustion

You may also feel a little tired and sleepy early in your pregnancy, if you present them take into account the chances that it will be positive. It is common and normal for exhaustion to increase during the first trimester of pregnancy, while the body adapts to the new metabolism to provide the energy required for the baby’s development.


Pain and swelling of the breasts

There is a slight swelling of the breasts accompanied by pain sensation. This is due to the stimulation of hormones on the mammary glands, preparing it for breastfeeding. There is an increase in the size of the breasts, due to the development of the mammary glands.


Delayed menstruation

Lack of menstruation will always be the most obvious and well-known symptom of pregnancy, because during pregnancy a woman stops having her menstrual period to allow the development of a new life. This is caused by an increase in the beta hormone HCG, which prevents the ovaries from continuing to release mature eggs.


The sense of smell is sharpened

It is common for women to have a strong odor rejection, most pregnant women can vomit when they feel strong odors. In addition to this, the sense of taste can also be sharpened, with changes in the taste of food, which becomes more intense, causing nausea.


Difficulty breathing

Women may experience difficulty breathing, noticing when performing certain activities that require more energy. This difficulty is related not only to tiredness, but also to increased blood flow in the uterus, causing oxygen concentrations throughout the body to decrease slightly.


Mood variations

You may notice variations in humor, without cause. It is very common for the pregnant woman to cry for strange situations or for things that normally did not happen to us, these variations can occur throughout the pregnancy. This symptom occurs due to hormonal changes.


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