9 mistakes you make during your pregnancy

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From all the information and advice you read or listen to about pregnancy, it becomes a great question about what you can and cannot do during your pregnancy, which is why we present you the 10 mistakes you should not make in your pregnancy.



This is a big mistake, whether they smoke 1 pack or just 1 cigarette a day, it is just as bad, smoking a tobacco makes its elements pass the placental barrier, with this it affects the placenta and affects your baby. Tobacco is closely related to premature births, bad formations in our baby, lack of absorption of vitamins.


Perform unsuitable exercises

It is good to be exercised while you are pregnant but you must be clear about what exercises you can do and what you should not do, for example, what you should not do is high impact, high effort exercises. If you are someone who has kept exercising continuously and with strong exercises, we advise you to do it with a physical trainer who will guide you.



It is common to hear that they tell us that in pregnancy we should eat for two, that now we must eat for ourselves and for the baby, and this is not at all true, you should increase calories but not double them. Avoid raw foods such as meats, fish, eggs, and wash vegetables and fruits very well.

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Having sex during pregnancy is not harmful or hurts the baby, but we should consult with the gynecologist because for certain conditions we should not perform it, for example placenta previa, possible premature delivery.


Not having the proper sleeping position

We also share our blog about Tips for sleeping in pregnancy. It is recommended to sleep on the left side from the end of the second trimester onwards, it helps better oxygenation, avoid dizziness from sleeping on your back, suffocation from shortness of breath. It is also good to relax before bed to help you in this process.


Staying stressed

It is normal that they have bad days and good days, news that we do not like or things that bother us, but what we do not advise you is that you stay stressed continuously because it affects your pressure, the development of the baby, that is why meditation is important, relaxation and control stress levels to know how to control them.


Drink little water

We advise you to have a routine of drinking water, do not wait when you feel thirsty, do not go to that extreme, drink water regularly, always carry a bottle with you so that you do not need it.


Do not hydrate the skin

It is normal for stretch marks to appear on the skin during and after pregnancy, due to the stretching and gathering of the skin, any change in the skin causes it, so it is important and necessary to constantly hydrate it, we suggest twice a day with coconut. Remember not only to hydrate the abdomen but also the legs, buttocks, bust, hips, all the parts that have changes as the baby grows.


Fear of childbirth

It is logical that you feel fear, that you have the uncertainty of that moment that you are going to live, where the important thing is that you are prepared, that you have knowledge of the situation, of everything that you are going to go through so that you mentally know it, obviously at the moment you will have the care and guidance of your doctor.


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