Reflexs on Newborn

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That babies have reflections is something normal that we don’t need to worry, we will comment on the different reflections of newborns explaining about them in detail. Then time will pass new reflections, in this blog we will tell you about the initial reflections.

A newborn baby is always more vulnerable to many things, that we parents can worry or pay much attention to the baby, but there is no need to panic.

We will first conceptualize that reflexes are totally involuntary movements that are generated in response to a situation that can be a sound, a smell, an object, a person, among others.Keep in mind that the reflexes are not for something hereditary, for something pathological, nor for tics that your baby has, so they are not a reason to be overwhelmed, they are totally normal, in this way the baby’s pediatrician will be in charge during the check-ups routine to know of any illness the baby has, always trust him that he can advise and clarify doubts.

Search Reflection

It is the most instinctive reflex, we see it from the first moment of its birth, when being in contact with the mother’s skin, it will have its reflex of going in search of breastfeeding, looking for its food.

Suction reflex

After searching and finding mom’s breast, the baby will begin to suck, it is a really primitive reflex that even occurs since it is in the womb during the last trimester, it sucks his hand, his fingers, the cord, sucks and swallows the amniotic fluid, which can be seen during an ultrasound.

Palmar pressure reflex

This we see commonly, we have lived it or we have heard it, when you place your finger in the middle of the baby’s hand and the baby closes his hand by squeezing your finger, because it is a very adorable moment and it enchants, that we usually feel like a sample of gratitude, not only happens when placing a finger it also occurs with objects that bring you closer to your hand. We also tell you that the reflex occurs stronger in premature babies.

Babinski reflex

This reflex occurs when we touch the sole of the baby’s foot from the bottom up, the baby reacts his foot stretches and opens his toes, this usually lasts for the first year.

Startle reflex

This you can see when the baby opens and closes his arms and legs towards the center in a scare as if he fell, this is the reflection that usually scares the first parents more, it occurs in response to a sudden noise, sudden movement, that it touches very cold or hot water, even along with this reflex, the baby may also cry in response to this shock or fright. It can stay for the first five months of the baby. This reflex is examined by the pediatrician as basic because it may not occur when having the presence of some paralysis, fract.

Tonic neck reflex

It consists of taking the baby’s head to the side, keeping it turned for 15 seconds and returning to the center again, we will see how the baby immediately stretches the arm and leg on the same side that turned its head.

Automatic gear reflex

It is a reflection that we recommend you do not try to provoke because it is not something that should be given to a newborn at this stage, if your baby is carried by standing it on a surface, the reflex will immediately come from moving his legs as if he were trying to walk , and we tell you not to provoke it because it is not appropriate for a newborn to be forced to perform these movements, it is not the time for his muscles to exercise in that way.ure, muscle injury.

We hope you have been able to learn about the different reflections of a newborn, we invite you to check our blog and learn more topics. Click the link below to buy useful items.