Baby Ready for the Beach

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This summer you finally take your little one to enjoy the beach. So that the holidays are perfect and without any type of problem at we will give you the recommendations that you have to take into account, about the dangers to avoid, the basic recommendations for the sun, what food to bring.

Since we are not judges, we choose to provide you with various information so that you can choose when to take your child to see the sea. After all, it is a parent’s decision to think about when is the best time to take their baby to the beach. These decisions are part of parenting.


There are many reasons why it is favorable for a baby to visit the beach. The sea breeze will whet your appetite and help you sleep better at night, walking on the sand will promote your circulation and the formation of the plantar arch, bathing in the sea will tone and strengthen your muscles, these are some of the miracles that the beach will work on your baby, without forgetting the main reason that is to visit the sea!


Mind you, be patient and hope to get along better after your birthday, when you are less likely to burn, become dehydrated, or suffer a setback. And, of course, all activities related to your baby, the beach and the sea, in moderation.


In principle, babies can go to the beach but we must be very careful since they should not be exposed to the sun (something that is often difficult). Before 6 months of life, on the other hand, her skin is very delicate and is not yet ready for sunscreen creams, so we must create protection with a tissue barrier, that is, wear it at all times and under the umbrella.



Baby’s first bath in the sea

The clothes we choose to dress our baby on the beach must be breathable and colored. For example, a blue or orange shirt protects more against ultraviolet radiation than white. In addition there are certain brands that begin to work with fabrics that offer a protection factor of 50 against UV.


The time when we go down to the beach with the little ones is also decisive, we must avoid the hours of maximum risk, the central hours of the day 12-18h. From one year on, we can already apply a suitable protective cream for your skin and go to the shore to wet your little feet in the sea, always wearing a cap and if it can be dressed, the better, and it is necessary to remember that the reflection of water on your skin it can be harmful.


Before putting him in the sea for the first time, sit him down on the shore to play, so that he gains confidence and gets wet with the waves. Then grab him by the arms firmly and tuck them a little deeper. Do not transmit fear or insecurity to him, because he will notice it and he will not want to continue with his seafaring adventure.

The first day, a quick soak is enough to refresh you, then you can prolong the baths for 15 to 20 minutes. If the child does not want, do not insist, it can be counterproductive. If, on the contrary, he is one of those who appreciates the dips, separate yourself a little from him, although without letting go.



Between 8 months and a year of life is when they really begin to enjoy the beach. They are already sitting, having a great time playing on the seashore with the sand. But remember that we must control the radiation that absorbs your skin, protecting it both with cream, with a cap, clothing, an umbrella and the time of exposure, just as we must continue to avoid the central hours of the day.

If we feel like we can bathe him in the sea, remembering that we must rinse his skin with fresh water. If we go to places where the sea water is cold, is to prepare a bathtub or an inflatable pool and fill it with fresh water.


Advantages of taking a baby to the beach

If you baby is over 7 months old (you have to take into account that it is not recommended because it cannot be directly sun-kissed), you will find some interesting advantages:

  • Exploration of the world
  • Family Fun
  • Direct contact with nature
  • New experiences
  • Know the sea


Disadvantages of taking baby to the beach

The disadvantages may be obvious but we are going to quote some for you to take into account:

  • Possible sunburn
  • If there is a mass of people on the beach, you may feel overwhelmed.
  • Insolation
  • Choking hazard if sand or stone gets into your mouth
  • Recommendations to take your baby to the beach
  • But well, to keep you informed, here are some tips that will be useful if you decide to visit the beach with your little one


Tips to go to the beach with our baby without worries

  1. Protect your skin with sun creams from 6 months of life.
  2. Take him dressed, with a cap and sunglasses.
  3. Try not to expose your child to direct sunlight, use an umbrella.
  4. Hydrate him a lot, if you breastfeed offer him more often. If you already take complementary food, take a bottle with water.
  5. Avoid the central hours of the day.
  6. What should I bring? Diapers, wipes, spare clothes, cap, protective cream, water (if you drink), toys, food (if you already eat, it is preferable to bring fruit), an inflatable pool, and a towel.


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