July 28, 2019Rodrigo Chiriboga

9 mistakes you make during your pregnancy

From all the information and advice you read or listen to, it becomes a great question about what you can and cannot do during your pregnancy

November 28, 2019Rodrigo Chiriboga

13 Things to Buy for Your Newborn

These are the questions that will be answered on this list for newborn. While we have immediate needs, many accessories for the baby or your room can be a personal decision.

November 28, 2019Rodrigo Chiriboga

What does a new baby need at home?

Surely some of you had already thought about them, but surely others have not even considered them. That is why we give you some ideas about the most important things that our baby needs in its first months of life.

January 23, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

Myths about pregnancy

Myths exist for many family generations, well-known myths about pregnancy, regardless of age or social status. New mothers are those who are most susceptible for advice of all family generations.

January 26, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

The first thing to check in your pregnancy

The state of pregnancy is the greatest gift for daddies, especially when it is the first time. Nerves and anxiety is one of the primary factors of that stage.

February 2, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

7 options to cope with nausea in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of coexistence between the baby´s parents, hormonal changes, smell sensitivity and increased stomach upset due to acids are mostly the reasons that attribute that 80% of women in state pregnancy feels nauseous.

February 5, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

You’re afraid of bathing your baby?

On the first day of your baby you will have the doubt of how to bathe it, but the important thing you should know is that you don’t have to bathe every day, you will only need to clean your face, neck, hands and his intimate parts every day.

February 9, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

Shopping for the birth of the baby

Shopping for the birth of the baby will help you stay rested, focused and quieter in terms of organizing and preparing everything you need.

February 12, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

Essential items for baby hygiene and care

Explore the items you should have prepare at home, in any moment you will need it and it will be so useful.

March 7, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

5 Ideas of incredible Montessori games for babys

The innocence of a baby allows them to play games with little things that may surprise you that the simplest can generate a lot of joy and at the same time be able to develop their skills from an early age.

March 11, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

How to have a successful breastfeeding?

One of the first challenges is to get the baby to grab the breast to be able to breastfeeding and receive his primary food. Maybe you have heard from the myth that if the mother does not have a nipple, the baby will not be able to breastfeed.

March 15, 2020Rodrigo Chiriboga

Reflexs on Newborn

That babies have reflections is something normal that we don't need to worry, we will comment on the different reflections of newborns explaining about them in detail. Then time will pass new reflections, in this blog we will tell you about the initial reflections.