5 Ideas of incredible Montessori games for babys

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The innocence of a baby allows them to play games with little things that may surprise you that the simplest can generate a lot of joy and at the same time be able to develop their skills from an early age.

We don’t have to buy very expensive toys, because they can entertain themselves with simple things, maybe a bottle, a box, a can, pom poms, whistles. Sometimes you may not be able to keep your baby entertained, quiet for so long, what we have is that the attention of a baby is much shorter than an older child, so the activities are a function of those short attention periods.

But it is important to consider that not all babies like to play when you want, in a way it is not at the wish of one, so it also helps to have a dedicated space with their games in an orderly way where you feel free to take them and use them comfortably , interest and your desire.

Every time you have an activity through a new game, you sit next to him and teach him how to do it, clearly explaining how to do the activity, then he will know that when he takes the game at another time what he has to do.

We will give you ideas for you to make your own activity games for your baby and develop his motor skills and have a lot of fun. Remember to monitor the activities because your baby can take pieces of the game and put them in his mouth.

Game 1. Elbow and rope noodle

Take a raw elbow noodle and you will have to pass the rope through the hole of the noodle, you do it with several noodles. One end of the rope put something stiff so you can easily pass it through the noodle, and on the other end place a ball so that the noodles do not pass. It will allow you to handle precision to introduce the rope.

Game 2. An empty egg bucket and lego pieces

Paint the holes in several colors, the same colors as the lego pieces, maybe 3 or 4 colors. Here you will have to place the lego pieces in the holes according to the same color. It will allow you to compare colors and associate them.

Game 3. An empty milk jar and pieces of cardboard

The milk jar you can make a hole as if it were a piggy bank, preferably if the lid is plastic because it will prevent the baby from getting hurt, take pieces of cardboard and cut them in the form of coins so that it fits in the hole you made in the jar. The activity consists of introducing the coins in the jar one by one. It will allow you to specify your strength to put the coin in the jar.

Game 4. Small dolls of varied animals and a printed sheet with photos of these animals

Print on a sheet of 6 to 8 photographs of animals that are the same as those you have as a toy. In this activity the child will have to place the animal’s toy on top of the corresponding photograph. It will allow you to associate similar animals and learn their names and sounds that you can teach them at the same time.

Game 5. A box and sand

Place dry sand in a cardboard or plastic box. You can teach him that he can put his hand in the sand and draw, grab it or move it. It will allow you to feel such a small element and the adaptability of it to your hands and what you want to do.

These are some ideas of what you can use to do activity games for your child, in a next article we will tell you about this style of Montessori teaching or other activities that you can do.

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