Essential items for baby hygiene and care

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Here we will comment you about the essential things you should have prepared since the first day.

The bathtub

Layers of bath, towels and products for the hygiene of the newborn. It is important to keep in mind that bath articles are essential for the good care of the baby. Baby hygiene should be essential to avoid irritation and some kind of discomfort due to the lack of hygienic care that may be caused. The bathtub must also be properly disinfected to avoid any contamination at the time of bathing the baby

Diapers, wet wipes and irritation creams

As for diapers, be careful with the size!, Do not buy many diapers of zero sizes or look closely at the kilos indicated in the diaper package, if you are born the very large baby you will pass very quickly to size 2.

With regard to wet wipes, the first month is recommended to use a neutral soap and a natural sponge for cleaning the baby. As a recommendation creams for the baby’s buttocks, in personal experience it is better not to use them, unless it is strictly necessary.

It is important that you take into account these recommendations in order to avoid some kind of problem with the baby’s health, since the size of the diapers and the hygienic means are fundamental for the correct development of the baby.

Moisturizer or baby massage oil

You should keep in mind that this decision must be taken by your pediatrician when you want to acquire it, you should ask to verify which are the creams that are suitable for the baby’s hydration, thus avoiding allergy problems and irritations.

Facial cream

To moisturize, and above all protect the delicate skin of the baby’s face, there are hypoallergenic creams on the market that can help keep the skin hydrated. It is important that you have a sun protection factor, but for the exposure of the sun’s rays, it is most advisable that the baby should sunbathe after 4pm (16h00), thus being able to avoid the involvement of intense sun rays.

If you are born with a lot of hair you will be fine with a natural bristle brush or a comb, that it has the tip of the round barbs, that the scalp of newborns is very, very sensitive.

You may also need round-nose scissors or nail clippers for babies, but remember that pediatricians recommend not cutting your baby’s nails until after the first month.


You will need a reliable thermometer at home to be able to measure your child’s temperature in case of fever. And besides being reliable, it must be easy to use, not much technology is needed, just measure the temperature accurately.

Clothes for the baby

As with diapers, with clothes you should also be very careful with sizes. Babies grow very fast and the more clothes they lend you as a newborn, the better. He thinks that a size zero is about 50 cm, so it falls small in a couple of weeks. You better start shopping from size 1 (54 cm).

If born in spring-summer
  • 5-6 bodys braces or short sleeves
  • 3-4 pajamas
  • 4-5 frogs
  • 3-4 sets to go for a walk
  • 2 pairs of finite socks
  • 1 cotton hat (if you have little hair) or a beanie to cover you from the sun
  • Fine mittens, if it tends to scratch your face.
  • A muslin
If born in autumn-winter
  • 5-6 long-sleeved bodysuits
  • 3-4 jerseys
  • 3-4 pants or leggings
  • 3-4 pairs of winter socks
  • 3-4 sets to go for a walk
  • 1 wool hat (if you have better earmuffs)
Gloves or mittens

A blanket and / or a bag (both for sleeping and for the carriage)

In addition, it is always good to have a lullaby and a pair of medium-sized towels exclusively for the baby.

And especially many bibs.


And for baby entertainment there is nothing better than: a rattle, a crib carousel, a blanket of activities, toys for bath time.


The hammock for the baby is my essential baby No. 1 to tell the truth.

All the hours the baby is not sleeping, or I have it in my arms or is in his hammock. He loves it.

And if it also comes with music or they move / vibrate alone, you will get the little one to sleep more easily.


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