How to have a successful breastfeeding?

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One of the first challenges is to get the baby to grab the breast to be able breastfeeding and receive his primary food.

Maybe you have heard from the myth that if the mother does not have a nipple, the baby will not be able to breastfeed and it is really only a myth because the nipple only has some ducts where the milk comes out, but the brown part called aura is where there are some bags that when the baby grabs all the halo gives you the correct information of what quality and quantity of milk you should give.


How do we achieve this?

Before breastfeeding we have to do something very important, it is to massage deeply with two fingers (index and middle finger) all around the breast, at least 8 centimeters around since it constitutes the entire region of the breast tissue, from back to front.

We place the baby to breastfeed, grab the breast with the hand making a C behind the halo and try to make it like a clamp by pressing, to form a tip in the breast, this is a soft tissue adapted so that the baby can grab.

We begin to stimulate the baby, placing the breast on his lips both the top and the bottom, the baby by reflex will start to open the mouth, will look for the breast, when he has his mouth wide open he approaches the baby to the breast, which is what you should do is bring the baby to the breast and not bring the baby to the breast.

Little by little I loosen the hand that holds the breast but still without releasing it, being relaxed without pressure so that breastfeeding naturally occurs, the baby will grab all the halo.


How do we know if the baby mishandled the breast?

If it definitely hurts, the baby did not grab well, what we can do is remove the baby’s breast and repeat the process, we will have to try several times until we feel no pain, because breastfeeding should never hurt.

The baby produces a sound when breastfeeding, that also means that he did not grab well, here we must also repeat the process, remove the breast and give it again as indicated above.


How do we know if the baby grabbed the breast well?

First it should not hurt us and additionally we see that the baby’s cheekbones move, join together, that means that he is already sucking the milk and it is heard that they swallow what they take, at this point it was already successful, because the baby is feeding correctly and we can relax and be calm enjoying breastfeeding.


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