How to properly warm babies

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Baby clothes are a very delicate subject both for our mothers and grandmothers because they don’t quite understand about warm babies. It is customary to shelter children as if they were about to enter a freezer and they really do not need to cover them so much. We are going to try to explain how we should shelter babies and children.


How to warm newborn babies

Newborns have hardly any fat and their thermoregulation system does not work very well. To this must be added that they do not walk, they do not move, and therefore, when they are on the street, they do not generate heat with movement as we do.After saying all this it may seem that a baby has to wear, in winter, an eskimo suit.

However, despite the fact that you have to cover it, we should not go overboard, because we run the risk of covering it too much and that your body even reaches a low-grade fever.It is often said that it is recommended that they wear one more cape than us, so that is what we should do. A bodysuit or a T-shirt, a sweater and a chubby jacket is enough to warm a baby in winter. If it is so cold that we appreciate wearing a scarf and even a hat that also covers our ears, as we also put it on the baby.

We have said that they do not walk, so that is a point to keep in mind. As they do not generate heat with movement, they will surely be colder than us. However, we must also take into account that many go inside a stroller and, therefore, do not suffer from the effect of air and wind, which is a real heat thief to which babies are not subjected.


Risks of overdressing the baby

In times of low temperatures, one of the main precautions for parents of babies is to keep their babies warm. And it is normal, because the cold represents a very important risk for the health of the little ones. However, this does not mean that “the warmer the better”. The expression “warmly dressed” means that the amount of clothing to be placed on the child must be adequate and no more than necessary.

For the minor, the excess of shelter can be as dangerous as its lack.What are the risks of overdressing the baby? The most common is to give you a fever. For this reason, if in times of very cold it is detected that the child has a fever, the first thing to do “before becoming alarmed,” says the document, is to uncover him and take his temperature again after a few minutes.Another risk is the development of prickly pear or miliaria, a skin rash related to heat, which occurs in summer but also when overcoated in winter.

Also, especially in the case of premature babies, whether their body temperature is lower or higher than normal, they will consume extra energy trying to balance it, which will make it more difficult for them to gain weight.And there are bigger risks. Overcoat is one of the factors associated with sudden infant death syndrome. The little ones are such fragile beings that covering them up can even cause them to suffocate. Therefore, care must be taken to the extreme and, in many cases, more does not mean bett.


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