Need help! Correct hygiene for babies

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It is so important to ensure the hygiene of your baby because at birth someone is so delicate that they can fear how to proceed, when to do it and what not to do, we will show you some tips of what you should consider.

Nail care

There is nothing special to do in the nails beyond cutting them when necessary. Many parents believe that they cannot be cut until babies are one month, or a specific age. The truth is that there is no minimum age to cut a baby’s nails. It is rather a matter of logic. If the baby has long nails because they are cut, no matter how old they are, it does not affect their health or any type of irritation in any way.  It can be done with a file or it can be done with round-nose scissors and it is best to do it at a time when you are relatively calm. Anyway, we have to hold his hand well, lest a movement lead us to cut what we shouldn’t.

Care in your eyes, ears and nose

There is nothing to do with the eyes, ears and nose, but in case it is necessary, it is worth knowing how to do it. If there are blemishes, which at first may be common because the tear ducts do not always work well and do not clean the eye as they should, they are cleaned with a little serum and with a gauze that wipes from the inside out and then throwing it away (only one pass by gauze).  If we see wax, only get hygiene of the part of wax that we see, the one on the outside, and better not to use sticks. The best way to clean the ears is with the elbow.

In the case of the nose, if we notice that you have runny nose and do not breathe well, since they do not remove the snot voluntarily, it is recommended to use saline. The least aggressive way to do it is to drop it little by little, drop by drop, through the nostrils, so that the mucus is diluted and leaves the nose more easily or swallows it. You must be careful not to introduce anything since it can be very dangerous for the baby’s health.

How to clean the diaper area

As previously stated, the ideal is to make at least one change a day with soap and water. If there can be more, then more, it always cleans better than the wipes, since the baby’s skin is sensitive and must be very careful with the type of cleaning.  The direction we use to clean the baby is important, because depending on how we do it, we will take the remains to the place where we remove the hand. It is important, then, to do it from the genitals to the anus. From top to bottom, so that the feces do not go to the genitals, but quite the opposite.

When the ass gets irritated

If after cleaning the baby is not irritated you do not need to put anything. If it irritates, we put paste to the water in the diaper changes until the perianal area is again pink and healthy. One way to make homemade baby cream is to use a mixture of cornstarch and olive oil, which also works.  You should consult with the pediatrician for any abnormality that may occur with the baby, since it must be followed up on the skin reactions of the baby.

Washing baby clothes 

Babies’ skin is quite delicate and tends to respond easily to any “assault”. Surely you have noticed that if they are caught naked our fingers are marked for a while. To avoid possible reactions, it is advisable to wash baby’s clothes separately, make sure that it is rinsed well and, if possible, not use fabric softener, as it causes many allergic skin reactions (pimples, redness, etc.). It is convenient to do the same with their sheets and blankets and with ours if the child ends up in our bed or takes a nap in it.

What to do with cradle cap? 

 Cradle cap is the scab that comes out of infants. It is an aesthetic problem, a seborrheic dermatitis that does not produce any symptoms and, as such, is only removed if desired (unless there are signs of infection). In case you want to remove it, what is usually recommended is to use olive, almond or baby oil, applying it to the head for a while. That massage with oil softens the scabs and so, half an hour later, they jump when bathing and sponging their head. It is done slowly and without waiting for everything to fall in a day (a few fall each time it is done).

To cut or not to cut hair 

The baby’s haircut is also done for aesthetics. In the first months, much of the baby’s hair usually falls out and many of them become practically bald. Then, around six months, the definitive hair begins to emerge. Cutting it will not make the hair come out stronger, so it is only done if the parents consider that the baby will be better with short hair.

You must consider that the subject of the hair is aesthetic, so the main recommendation to be patient, since the baby’s hair undergo changes the first months until it develops the final hair.  To do this, scissors with a round tip must be used (the blade is totally inadvisable and the haircut can hurt) and the baby must be calm so as not to harm him.


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