Newborn at Home: First days!

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Having the baby at home generates a lot of curiosity for parents regarding safety. At the hospital, the baby was asleep and at most the baby was washed quickly to be able to clean it and see when the umbilical cord fell off, so when seeing them alone with the baby, the first questions appear.  As we want to help you answer the most common questions with those related to care: when they cut their nails, if it is advisable to cut their hair, when to put some type of moisturizer, how often they should be bathed, how to do it , etc. In order to unite all the tips on that in one article, today we offer you the best tips for the first days of our baby at home.


Umbilical cord cure

The umbilical cord, the conduit through which it was the food source between the mother and the baby before birth, when it stops receiving blood supply, it mummifies and ends up falling after a few days.  How to cure it depends a little on the hospital in which the baby is born, since there are those who recommend using 70ºC alcohol, there are those who say that only soap and water are used, and some say that nothing is necessary.  All the proposed solutions are correct, because in a review of studies carried out by the World Health Organization in 2004, which included 22 studies with 8,959 babies, they found that it was irrelevant how the navel was healed when comparing the use of antiseptic with dry cord care.   In the end the means of healing are correct as long as povidone iodine is not used because it is harmful to the baby. In the event that there are irregularities in odor and suppuration, it is necessary to take it to the pediatrician.


Clothes in the early days

Is it important to shelter the baby? Or not shelter it? During the first days it is interesting to have the baby relatively warm, since it comes from the womb where it was at a high temperature compared to the outside. Do not over do it, but do not put it exactly as we do, or if it goes the same, be clear that we are in an environment where it cannot be cold.  Once the first days are over, it is often said that you have to dress them with a sleeve more than us. It is a way of explaining that they should be the same as adults, but with a thinner layer, since they do not regulate the temperature as we do and, in addition, they do not have the amount of fat that we do have and that in some way protects us .  The ideal to be able to measure the temperature in this sense is by touching the neck and back area. That way we will know if they are comfortable or if they are hot or cold.



For a long time there was the idea that babies should be bathed in addition to hygiene so that they stay relaxed before going to sleep.  The reality is that not everyone relaxes and many times babies in the bathtub more awake than they entered and bathing them every day can be too much. And it is that the bathroom dries the skin, eliminates the natural bacteria that we have and many babies later suffer the consequences, in the form of eczema and skin infections.  As a tip it is important to bathe the baby, but this should be done every two or three days, and on days that you do not bathe make a diaper change with soap and water.   What temperature to use when bathing the baby? With the water at the right temperature (about 36 degrees), in a place where it is not cold and with everything prepared for later. Now summer is coming and there is not much problem, but in cold weather it is interesting to dry the baby well, especially in the folds, and then dry and dress quickly.


The cream after the bath

In the same way that it was customary to bathe the baby every day, or it was done every day, putting cream after the bath also seems to be something to do. The reality is that the first days it is interesting, because in many cases babies “peel”, but after the first days a baby usually does not need creams or oils or prevention of irritation in the buttock. According to the AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) “a baby does not need to be regularly given creams, oils or powders.”  This does not mean at any time that it is bad, but only a practical and economic matter.  If the baby’s skin is fine, nothing needs to be put on. If it is a little dry in some areas, well, you put baby cream (cream better than oil, which hydrates less) in those areas, or if you want throughout the body until there are no dry areas.   As a tip, if you take advantage of the moment to put the cream to massage the baby, I would do it every day, but not for the cream, but for the massage. It is a moment of love for him and those moments are very important to both of us.


It is important to consider that everything should be consulted with the pediatrician to have a professional opinion on everything that should be included in the baby’s hygiene, since there are many products that are not recommended since they can irritate the baby’s skin and there are contraindications according to its chemical components.   We hope to be of your valuable help, we are ready for your opinions and for the topics that you would like to cover in new articles.


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