Myths about pregnancy

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Myths exist for many family generations, well-known myths about pregnancy, regardless of age or social status. New mothers are those who are most susceptible for advice of all family generations. Although some council may have been born with a certain scientific criteria, others only have the function of distressing new mothers.

In this way it will be clarified that there is some truth about pregnancy (confirming yes or not myths)…


Cravings should be satisfied because the body is lacking any important nutrient?

Cravings is one of the most common experiences during pregnancy, and can be presented at 80% of pregnant women, there is no clear origin and it is not represented as some type of lack or need of certain nutrients. If you can eat in moderation your craving can be sweet, salty or acids as long as it does not harm the good development of pregnancy. Write us about the weirdest craving you have had.


Does painting your hair have any detrimental effects on your health?

Ammonia is an ingredient that usually has hair dyes that can be very harmful to the health of a person who is pregnant or not. Ideally during pregnancy is to use henna-based dye types, especially during the first months of pregnancy. On the other hand, no discoloration or permanent discoloration is allowed, as it can cause allergic reactions in the scalp (since the skin is more sensitive).


Is sexual intercourse allowed during pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse is allowed in pregnancy, as long as there is no recommendation to avoid it by the doctor. Many women in a state of pregnancy even feel an increase in sexual desire, enjoying it more in that state. In other circumstances there is a considerable decrease in your pleasure. Every situation must be treated by the couple, sometimes the spouses are those who do not want to have relationships for fear of harming the baby, but in normal circumstances it is not.


Does every baby you have cost a tooth?

This statement or myth is a belief that pregnancy produced a decalcification of the mother’s teeth, since he supposedly took the necessary calcium for its development. This is far from true. What is recommended is to make at least one visit to the dentist during pregnancy and rule out the presence of gingivitis or some inflammation of the gums.


 Is it advisable not to exercise during pregnancy?

 This myth is absolutely false. It will always be recommended for the health of the mother to exercise during the pregnancy period unless prohibited by the doctor. It improves muscles, low back pain, is very favorable for night rest and allows proper control of body weight. Yoga, Pilates and Hydro gymnastics are the most recommended exercises during the gestation stage.


Should pools be avoided?

 There is no risk of any type of vaginal infection during activity in a pool, whether recreationally or exercise. The mucous plug of the cervix and the same environment of the vagina prevent infections that may harm the baby.


Should you eat for two during pregnancy?

The most dangerous and misinformed myth is to think that it is by two, because it is common for those who are closer to the pregnant woman to try to eat much more, which can lead to overweight and as a consequence, the development of pathologies such as Gestational diabetes. The kilos that the pregnant woman can gain are in proportion to the weight with which the pregnancy begins.


Is it advisable not to drink a lot of water to retain fluids?

The recommendation is the other way around, it is always very important the intake of liquids during the state of pregnancy and even more after the delivery, to be able to collaborate with the milk production during the period of lactation.

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