Great tips for sleeping in pregnancy

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The way you are sleeping in your pregnancy may not be the one you like the most, probably the position you are used to will not be easy at all during pregnancy. This may cause insomnia because not being able to sleep can rest.

We will give you some tips so you can sleep during pregnancy, you can go to our blog to review more topics about pregnancy and babies.


It may be distressing to think that some position can affect your baby, maybe press or hurt it, there really is no position that hurts the baby, he will always be very protected within you, by the placenta and by the amniotic fluid, only trauma very strong that causes breakage of the strong so that your baby is affected.


What if you can’t sleep on your stomach?

Well if you can do it, it will not be bad for your baby, only that the more months you have it will be very uncomfortable to be able to do it, to be able to sleep on your stomach, when your baby is small you will not notice your belly and if you like to sleep on your stomach Well, you can continue doing it.


Which side is better to sleep on? On the right side or on the left side?

Yes, it is usually recommended that it be on the left side but it applies to the last weeks of pregnancy, because the larger, there may be more changes in terms of the flow that your baby can receive according to the position you are in, but it is not a fixed rule, it is only a recommendation that while you can do it on the left side, it will not be bad if you sleep on the right side.


What happens if I sleep on my back?

Many times the moment comes that the pregnant woman may feel dizzy when sleeping on her back, it is because when there is great weight that presses the veins, the arteries, the blood flow decreases, therefore it will produce dizziness and you will be the first to feel them, but not It is that at that moment your baby is affecting it, but take it as warnings from your body so that you change positions better for both of you.


Pillows the best allies

In pregnancy, the pillows will help us a lot for the position we are in, we can use it for the back, we can place it between the legs, they also use it to support the belly, arrange the pillows as we want, as best we feel they help us to lie down and be able to rest.


What if I have insomnia?

You may be distressed thinking that having insomnia can affect your baby, in fact it is very common that they sleep little at some point in the pregnancy and it is not that it affects the baby that you do not sleep 8 hours, it affects the pregnant woman more because she feels tired , but the anguish the worry if it can affect your baby because your baby knows what you are feeling, but the common thing that insomnia occurs, listens to relaxing music before sleeping, takes a shower, does something that helps you relax and improve your sleep.


Obviously pregnant women will have concerns about how we sleep, what we eat, what we drink, about childbirth, about check-ups, everything will generate anxiety, concerns that will affect our sleep. We invite you to our blog where you will find many topics to clarify your doubts about your pregnancy, your baby, everything you need.


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