Tips to ensure the safety of babies

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Child safety is a priority for all parents, especially for newbies who just had a baby. It is important to know that as the baby grows, the risks change, so it is good that you know what a risk represents for him and especially how to prevent accidents through the most appropriate safety measures.

The newborn needs some particular attention and fundamental security measures for its growth and development. In this sense, in the hospital you will receive the first advice from the professionals who attend you, the mother and the father should be attend about those things.

Do not hesitate to ask them all the questions you have about feeding, baby’s sleep or changing diapers, among other questions you have. However, it is practice and day to day that will allow you to gain confidence and experience.

It is important to remember that most of the time the child will be in your arms. The correct position to do so is to keep his head always held, since the little one still has no strength to keep it of his own free will. Most of his energy, the baby will invest in eating, moving and trying to capture the world around him. For this same reason, when you have it in your arms, avoid having other objects in your hand, especially hot drinks or cutting tools, because after 3 months they start to move their hands from side to side.

In addition, safety is also necessary in everyday activities. In this way, you should take special care when dressing and undressing and know how to do it without putting your little one in awkward postures. Similarly, when you bathe, you have to keep in mind a series of directions, such as never leaving it alone or using a bathtub specifically designed for young children. You can complete your hygiene with an absorbent pear, for your nose and your ears. Remember that the use of cotton swabs is not discouraged.

During the first months of the child’s life, it is especially relevant to have these other precautions about safety:
  • Avoid all kinds of toxins in the home.
  • Prevent the baby from being left unattended by an adult.
  • Never leave the baby on a surface where it can turn and fall.
  • Avoid leaving small or sharp objects within reach.
  • For later when the child starts crawling, use plug blockers. In addition, consider buying fences or obstacles to prevent it from passing to other areas of the home such as the kitchen, stairs if there are any, etc.
How can sudden death syndrome be avoided?

Sudden infant death syndrome usually occurs in children under one year of age, and is particularly common between 2 and 4 months. It is a disorder that occurs suddenly and inexplicably, and therefore is very difficult to prevent. However, some basic measures can be taken to prevent it:

  • The baby always sleeps on his back, on a firm mattress and a safe crib. Avoid pillows and padded clothes.
  • Remove from the area where the child sleeps stuffed animals or any other soft object with which he can suffocate.
  • Ensure that the child’s face is uncovered during sleep.
  • Remove sources of intense heat from the place where the child sleeps.
  • Do not smoke or allow smoking in the room where you sleep.


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