Trip with babies: Basic kit

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Faced with the fact of going on a trip with our baby, we will have to make a voluntary effort to reduce the amount of luggage to the minimum expression, for which we will have to redefine what is “absolutely necessary to carry”.

We all know what it means to go outside with a small baby. The giant changing bag ends up becoming another extension of our body. We carry dozens of things “necessary” and many others “just in case.”


When we go on a trip, carrying too many things on top of us will, in many cases, be impossible. Let us think that the baggage allowance allowed in the cabin of an airplane is perfectly regulated in size, weight and number of packages. And everything that is dispatched in the warehouse, if it exceeds what is allowed, will lead us to pay for everything “extra” almost as much (or more) than what we have paid for the ticket.

If we travel in our car we can stretch a little more. But is it really useful and accurate to move the entire baby’s room in the trunk?


As a general rule, I advise travelers (of all ages) to take into account certain tips when preparing luggage.

The basic advice would be: synthesize.


Remember that everything we want to carry, we must carry with us throughout the trip. Let’s think about leaving home, arriving at the station or airport, getting on the train and accommodating luggage, placing them in the trunk of the bus, arriving and unloading them, taking a taxi or subway, going up to the hotel or apartment. And then, the return.

This rule is easier to follow when it comes to us adults. Every time you travel lighter luggage and with a couple of changes and a little ingenuity we manage. Well, that should be the criterion for traveling with our babies too: let’s not get complicated. Let’s use common sense.


Remember the basics: That the baby is comfortable, clean, well fed, protected, happy. For this it is not important to always carry a travel cot if we go, for example, to a hotel with family service or a tourist apartment that offers a baby kit.


Basic travel kit according to its destination and duration.
  • We will choose a portable system to carry the baby (rear backpack, kangaroo backpack, sling, mei-tai, whatever you choose) that will allow us to move freely with our little baby. If we talk about a child already a little older, with a folding cart we will get ready enough.
  • Unless we plan a trip to a very isolated destination (something unlikely with a baby) we will always have the minimum things for your toilet. We shouldn’t load ourselves with disposable wipes. Remember that water works miracles and a small towel will serve us enough. Disposable diapers? Yes, we will take the necessary ones for the outward journey and nothing else.
  • Let’s see: it’s not a fashion show. We know that our baby is a beauty, it is not necessary to bring 3 changes for each day. Comfortable, light, combinable and fresh clothes. The hotel or the campsite can be easily washed in the room. Also, that nothing happens to go without ironing a few days. Just relax.



Depending on the duration of the outward journey and the chosen means we can stretch a little more in this aspect. A small ice cream shop in the car will be very helpful to have water to prepare the bottle or carry pots. If it is by plane, we can count on the help of the on-board personnel who are accustomed to heating baby food. If we travel by train we can match the mealtime to make it a little before leaving. If this is not the case, let’s opt for collaboration in the cafeteria car.


Bus trips are the most difficult to cope with, due to the narrow space, the few stops along the way and little or no interior equipment. In all cases, let’s carry a reasonable amount of food that meets the normal needs of the baby during the outward journey only.


  • Health. We will dedicate an entry to this section in the coming days. But let’s follow the basic rule anyway: go to the essentials, that we will not be able to load a pharmacy in the suitcase “just in case”. The cream to avoid chafing on the baby’s skin, and the elementary to use in case of emergency. We will talk about the subject.
  • Protection: Cap, sun protection and water. According to the age of the child, we will incorporate sunglasses or change the water for the bottle or the breast. We will take care of the chapter “sun protection” in particular as well. Attention: I have said “hat”, I have not said to wear a model for each day. Synthesis, please.
  • A happy baby. Let’s not forget to bring your favorite toy or stuffed animal. It will assure you a pleasant company, it will make you feel at home, it will be a reason for distraction in the waiting dead times and, in some cases it will also help us not to spend more. A book of stories or to paint, when they are older, will prevent us from getting bored on travel journeys.


In short, let’s say that in the basic kit the first thing we should incorporate is common sense. Let us consider our destination and the availability or not of services and products wherever we are going to be. If possible, then let’s avoid carrying objects that, shortly after leaving home, will already be weighing and clogging us.

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