What should your baby eat at 6 months?

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Keep in mind that breastfeeding will always be the main food for your baby, you should only breastfeed until 6 months, then you keep breastfeeding until 2 years but accompanied by other foods, it is very important to maintain it because that is the which has the basic and necessary nutrients for the baby, its breast milk transmits fatty acids and Omega 3.

After your baby is 6 months old and can receive other foods, you must do it with great care and attention, identifying food by food how the baby falls, whether or not it produces an allergic reaction. You must be pending and checking every day.

At the beginning it will happen that the baby throws out of his mouth everything you give him and it is natural, of course he has not taken anything other than breast milk, this can happen 2 or 3 days. We will mention several foods that you can prioritize to start with your baby.


Day 1

Yellow potato parboiled and well mashed like a porridge so that your baby can eat it, that way we help the baby to eat better.

Day 2

To the yellow potato (equal to day 1) you add carrot pieces, or instead of carrots you add a different food depending on what you have available, but remember to only add one. You crush it enough or you can liquefy it in such a way to obtain a porridge.

Day 3

Parboiled rice and carrot, here we already add a cereal, we can liquefy it or if it is parboiled well we crush it, that we do not have lumps and only a porridge, because the baby does not chew the food, the baby swallows the food, also the Baby doesn’t have teeth yet to chew on.

Day 4

Rice, carrot and a piece of parboiled chicken, now we have already added a protein 30 grams, likewise liquefy it to form the porridge.

Day 5

Potato, chicken, boiled spinach and granadilla juice, here we increase a vegetable such as spinach, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and also we already include a juice that is very soft and sweet on its own.

Remembering that at this stage it is not recommended to add salt to baby food, because you have to accustom the baby’s palate to eating low-salt and low-sugar foods as well.

Week 2

Potato, artichoke and chicken, we liquefy it to form the porridge and now we add a little oil, because we remember that the brain has many fatty acids and needs them, this week we already put together complete dishes, with the foods that you saw during the first week that the baby liked more, and we also added its juice.

Week 3

We add liver and stews to the porridge, we already include options that contain iron (in the next paragraph we explain why), in the same way all well liquefied to feed.


Babies from 6 months onwards begin to have anemia, because the baby is born with a lot of iron, but as the 6 months go by it runs out of reserves and we must provide it through food.

It can happen to you that you have to go somewhere with your baby and you take the porridge ready, because here we show you in this link a container of porridge and that at the same time allows you to immediately feed your baby, without the need to carry various things in your bag.

You can also try fruit porridge, but we will show you a product in this link that will provide you in time, because you can place the piece of fruit in it and at the moment that your baby has it in the bosa, you will simply obtain the puree from it, It also helps with baby’s gums.

We hope that this article has been to your liking and has clarified some doubts and that you can put it into practice. We invite you to share your comments about what helped you the most and what other topics you would like us to discuss. Visit our pages to find more items or products you need BabyShopClub.com