What toys can you buy for babies from 0-24m?

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Today we find a wide variety of early childhood toys in toy stores and specialty stores. With the new trends in childcare, there are many interesting options that must be taken into account when acquiring a toy for our children, keeping an agreement between their motor needs and their emotional development. In this article we are going to describe according to their age which are the essential toys that our baby should have.

For babies from 0 to 6 months

The ideal toys for babies from 0 to 6 months, who are in the discovery stage, are those that present different textures, soft books, teethers, bath toys, activity blankets, baby gyms, rattles, stroller toys, lamps musicals, lullabies and lullabies.

It is also very important at this stage to develop their perception in sounds and lights to be able to develop their sensitive part such as musical chimes, mirrors, and any toy that emits lights and sounds as well as simple musical instruments. They love to discover that they can make music themselves.


For babies from 6 to 12 months

For babies who have development of more than six months, who are already beginning to sit by themselves and want to explore everything, then it is highly recommended at this stage that they can buy toys with buttons to press, toy phones, toys that stimulate crawling, stacking cubes, single click toys or squishy blocks. It is also very important that they have on hand any type of toy that makes noise when it is thrown on the ground or that rolls like curlers or soft balls.

Teaching tables with loads of activities that stimulate the baby with buttons, hands, lights and sounds are perfect for babies starting to stand up on their own. Likewise, for those who begin to take their first steps before reaching the age of one, the corridor runners help them maintain balance and support them at this stage.

These are some of the recommended toys for babies from 0 to 12 months. With these tips, you are sure to succeed in having the best tools for your baby’s motor, sensory and visual development at hand, maintaining your vigilance and control over them. It is very important to remind mom and dad that the best toy for him to drink is you, since the parents stimulate and reinforce the personality of babies at this important stage and their success is directly proportional to the time they spend with him.


Children from 12 to 24 months

Toys with buttons and sound: The one-year-old child is very capable of solving simple problems, and is gaining more and more autonomy. He loves push-button, sound-producing toys. You are already aware that what you do produces an effect and are able to memorize simple series.

Moving toys: The main characteristic in this stage of the children is that the ability to move on their own opens an interesting world to discover. Everything becomes a great field of exploration, so we must provide them with toys that allow them to experiment.

Toys that help you take your first steps or consolidate them are ideal, such as runners and walkers. The walker in all its variants (push or sit, not the walkers where the baby is placed inside) will help you to get up and move from one side to the other.

There are wooden ones with blocks inside to create shapes, there are runners with lights and sounds and a seat cover to store things, and there are also triangle-shaped wheels with an activity panel. There are shopping carts and baby carriages, although these are lighter and can make you lose your balance if you still don’t walk well on your own. Anyway, you can stop by a toy store and look at all the variants there are.

Once you’re on your feet, you’ll have fun with drag toys that you can play with while you walk.

Nestable and building blocks: His new skills allow him to manipulate objects and pieces of construction with greater skill, through which they acquire basic notions for understanding the world around him. They begin to acquire spatial concepts such as volume, large-small, high-low, short-long, geometric shapes, as well as some more complex notions such as balance, symmetry or resistance.

Construction and handling toys such as buckets, fittings, large construction pieces are suitable for this stage. Activity tables and the “first computers”, telephones, pianos or any type of toys with buttons and sounds continue to be of the most interesting. Also toys that fit and stack, as well as toys that hook and thread.

Stuffed animals or interactive toys: Do not forget besides the stuffed animals or interactive toys that speak, sing and dance. They love them, and more if it is their favorite characters. Puppies that walk, stuffed animals that speak and teach them their first words

 Manipulative books and paintings: Books are always a success. They begin to incorporate concepts, so those that give names to drawings and manipulative books that allow them to feel different textures, open flaps are perfect. Preferably hard leaves.

They start with the first drawings, so it’s also a good idea to buy them some age-appropriate paints. There are special thick waxes for your little hands that can be easily cleaned, they also know that the little ones see everything as a great canvas.


These are some of the recommended toys for children between zero and two years old. We will continue talking about the most suitable toys for each age so that we can advise you on your purchases through babyshopclub.com, it will always be a pleasure to advise you.