You’re afraid of bathing your baby?

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On the first day of your baby you will have the doubt of how to bathing, but the important thing you should know is that you don’t have to bathe every day, you will only need to clean your face, neck, hands and his intimate parts every day.

A key moment for your baby to relax

This activity can be the key to getting your baby relax, from the place where you bathe him, the sounds that surround it, the atmosphere of the place, the elements you use, the way you perform his bath, every detail counts to achieve that your baby really enjoys this time with you and from now on he always likes to take a bath.

And the bath will not only relax your baby but it will also be a relaxing moment, of peace, of tranquility for the parents, will allow to create an ideal link between the person who bathes him and the baby, a particular affection and especially the moment of share with family.

The time to bathing him will be much better determined by you, we recommend you always do it at the same time, because babies should follow a routine every day for all their activities, tell us what schedule has been best for you.

The basic elements for baby bath

You should have the following products ready and at hand in the place where you will bathe your baby.

Towel: to dry the baby.

Warm water: having the water at the right temperature that will allow the baby to enjoy his bath.

Bathtub: The baby needs a comfortable and safe place for this moment, you will have many options to choose the one that suits the space you have in your house.

Sponge: we recommend having a very soft sponge since the baby’s skin is very delicate.

Shampoo: use a special shampoo for babies, you have some options clinically recommended by dermatologists.

Soap: start using neutral and perfume-free soaps, it is recommended as you don’t know if it can cause something on your baby’s skin.

Clean diapers: will allow your baby to stay neat.

Clean clothes: put on clean clothes that give freshness after his bath.


How many times and at what time should you bathing him?

It is recommended to bathe it three times a week, as babies do not generate sweat levels just like adults or adolescents do, what you can do on days when you do not bathe it is that you clean your body with wet tissue, we recommend these are alcohol-free and perfume-free to avoid any condition on the baby’s skin or perhaps allergy that you don’t know your baby


Follow these 8 steps as a guide to bathing your baby
  1. The room where you bathe put at a temperature of 75 °C and warm water, if you can take the temperature we recommend you at 95 °F.
  2. Put a quantity of water in the bathtub to cover your baby’s waist and legs.
  3. Make sure you have the basic elements that we indicated above at hand and ready.
  4. With one of your arms you will hold the baby below his neck and grab his arm, with your other arm you will take his legs and put him in the tub, because with this same arm you will give him his bath. It is up to you to know which arm will be more comfortable both to support your baby and to bathe it, the way you feel safe and relaxed.
  5. Wash the face, the body, the arms and the legs, at the end you can conclude with the head, consider washing well in the baby’s folds as they are parts that we can forget and not notice at first sight. Use the sponge and soap to wash it carefully.
  6. Wash his head and hair, placing it back, gently rubbing the shampoo and rinsing with water, be careful that water falls into the eyes, as it is usually something that bothers babies and makes the bathroom dislike for the following days.
  7. Take this moment to enjoy it, swallow it up, sing a song that you like, let it splash in the water because he will love it or play with a bath toy.
  8. Take the baby out of the bathtub, put the towel on and dry it gently, check his ears and folds confirming there is no soap residue left. And now you will have it ready to put on your diaper and clothes.


Tell us if our article was helpful for your first bath with your baby =)

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